Now the world’s 4th largest producer of high performance TiO2 pigments.
A dynamic, global business with a strong expanding European and American presence.
29 years’ of titanium dioxide pigment manufacturing experience.
Growing fast, investing in the future.

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Meet the Lomon Billions TiO2 pigment experts at stand 176, avenue B, aisle 9

The Sao Paulo Expo Exhibition and Convention Center October 3-5, 2017

For more information, or to make an appointment contact Chen Yanjun at chenyanjun@lomonbillions.com


BILLIONS® TR52 titanium dioxide pigment is a rutile pigment specifically designed for the printing ink industry. An optimized crystal size combined with carefully selected mineral and organic surface treatments make it the ideal choice for the pigmentation of white inks.


LOMON® LR-961 pigment is an alumina treated rutile TiO2 pigment made by the sulfate process. LOMON® LR-961 pigment has been specifically designed for e-coatings (electrodeposition coatings). It has excellent dispersibility and stability in e-coatings formulations.

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Lomon Billions is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
Our older Lomon website www.lomon.com and our older Henan Billions website www.billionschem.com are still operational and will close in due course.
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